Monday, 30 August 2010

These daily soaps show stories which are related to people’s life. Most of the soaps share common themes like family relationships, romance, humor, and conflicts. However, to make each serial exclusive the director chooses unique clothing and accessories. Daily soaps are deliver messages regarding culture, family relations, struggles of life and mythology through stories, but instead of the story, the audience is fascinated by the dresses, actors and the jewelries.

Main reasons women like Hindi serials for passing leisure time, for stories, for fashion and looking at actors whatever the reason might be, women said that they could not ignore accessories and clothing of the characters.

Media has highly overvalued Hindi daily soaps. Currently, each serial is shown three times a day. Due its high publicity people are bound to watch them. For many, Hindi serials have become daily chores. Girls who have watched Hindi serials said that serials are not informative. They also admitted that watching soaps is a complete waste of time; still they cannot abstain from it because watching televisions has become a routine. Daily soap operas seem very entertaining as they hit women’s dreams and aspirations, but in reality they take the viewers far away from the real world. We should draw a line between reality and illusion.

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