Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bangladeshi people have to be conscious. They should be aware of their own rights and values. They should not allow such discrimination to take place. They must not be influenced or guided by some other culture.
Our culture, our music, our language are so rich and vibrant. There is so much to see, listen and enjoy. We need to divert ourselves and look at what we have in our country and be proud of it, before we start looking at what others have to offer. We must not complain about the lack of variety or quality of the things which are available in Bangladesh. If people think there is any lacking or deficiency in our products, they must try to enhance them or encourage others to change them. They must not give up and turn away and look for substitutes from other countries. Only this way shall we be able to free ourselves from the evil influence of foreign cultures. This will also help us to prosper and reach new heights.

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