Monday, 30 August 2010

The revolutionary Hindi serial culture has had significant impact on our personal and social lives as well. There was a time, and maybe there still is, when people did not like to visit others because they would miss an episode of their favourite Hindi serial. The ladies in the house became most irritated when guests arrived unannounced when they were seated to watch their favourite shows. The ladies were, and still are, highly influenced by these serials. They are constantly thinking of the things that they saw on the shows. Some are even topics of hot debate. Many people have been seen to be arguing about the plots of these so called popular serials! The serials influenced some people so much that they behave like the characters. They dress and imitate the characters of the programmes.

Surprisingly, the Indian culture also has somewhat positive aspects. Some people earn a good living due to the dominance of Indian culture in our society. Many businesses focus on the preference of Indian items by Bangladeshi people and centre their business operation around that. For example, tailor shops are constantly getting orders to make dresses worn by some Indian actress. Same goes for beauty salons. Many people visit these places to want to get a haircut or a look like some actress. And the list goes on and on. Not to forget, there are the negative sides also. The once popular Benarasi saree is becoming nearly extinct because Bangladeshi women want to buy Indian sarees which are worn by Hindi serial actresses. They do not want to buy these traditional sarees anymore

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