Monday, 30 August 2010

One may wonder why I am so against the Indian culture. I would not have been so bothered if these programmes had some substance in them. What do they mainly teach us? People who have watched some of the most popular Hindi serials which ran for a minimum of seven to eight years would remember that the serials mainly revolved around power, money, jealousy, extra-marital affairs and not to forget, the occasional reincarnation!!! Then there was the time travel part. A trend started when serials began to move a few years forward in time. That was the most hilarious part watching the actors look exactly the same as they did twenty years ago. The parents and their children and grandchildren seemed to belong to the same age group. Sadly, people accepted and digested this quite readily. My logic fails to explain how this can be possible.

I fail to understand what could be so interesting about these things?

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