Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hindi serials are full of nacked and dirty things. In reality shows women wear vulgar dresses.They try to show their body to the common people. Such as in MTV Roadies and splitsvilla girls wear small dresses which provoke the young generation. The young generation of our country like these reality shows very much. in Splitsvilla girls and boys go to dates and they hug each other. It looks very dirty and nacked. The Indian culture is not like our culture. Much intimacy scenes are shown In Splitsvilla which is vulgar. In many Hindi serials women marry twice even thrice. Is there anything to take from these Hindi serials. My question is that how a married women can marry thrice??? Is there any answer to Bangladeshi people. But yes a person can give answer to this question and she is none other than Ekta Kapoor the director of these vulgar serials. In Roadies and Splitsvilla boys and girls use many abusive words. They always use slang words which are creating a bad impact on Bangladeshi young generation. For example,A married women make love with many boys though she has a husband. Is it possible in our culture or society?? But yes it is possible in Hindi serials. Young generation are watching these serials and they are taking the negative sides of these serials which are fake not real. Small dresses, hot girls, fashion, style, marriage, live together and making illegal relationship of a married person these are the main features of Hindi serials. They dothis to increase their TRP. But in reality it is creating bad impact on our young generation.

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