Sunday, 29 August 2010

There are some Bangladeshi entertainers who believe that they would be more successful if they copied Hindi serials and not to forget the often rather objectionable and vulgar music videos. There was also a time when Bangla film songs were an exact copy of Indian film songs. There still is a lot of influence of Indian movies in the Bangla film industry starting from the plot of the film, the costumes, songs, etc.

Fortunately, things have started to change. Bangladeshi people, albeit not all, have begun to realise the true value and power of our own culture. Some people have begun to boycott Hindi programmes completely. But this will not be able to solve our problem.

However, I must admit that it would take many, many years before the Bangladeshi film industry would be able to attract people with this kind of mindset, to the theatres. Some people have been successful enough to draw the general mass into the movie theatres but that is only a handful. If the Bangladeshi film industry once again tries to make the kind of films that were produced in the 60s and 70s, rather than copying the Indian films, they would be successful in their endeavour to entertain the masses rather than the lower working class people.

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