Monday, 30 August 2010

Besides Hindi serials ,Indian Bangla serials are also famous in our country.Indian Bangla Serials have a quite vast impact to our society. Other language Indian serials are not in our language, but Indian Bangla Serials are in our language. It can create negative impact to our society more then Hindi serials. We are still not counting this as a dangerous element, but it is silently killing us. The main objectives of Indian Bangla Serials are family clash, and most of the viewers are our parents. The point of impact is that, those serials create a bad image in their mind that; they try to compare the serial situation with their own family. It is easily happens because of the language. They find it more familiar then the Hindi or English Serials. Normally the victims become the middle class families of our society. So we have to stop it for ourselves.

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